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How do I share my screen in a Zoom meeting?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Once in a Zoom meeting the moderator has the ability to share their screen (meeting attendants also have this ability if the moderator set up the meeting to allow)

This tutorial assumes you are already the moderator of a meeting.
Step 1: Locate the lower bar in the Zoom meeting window and note the different tools available.


Step 2: Click on "Share Screen"


Step 3: Select what you wish to share.
Zoom gives you quite a few sharing options, You do not have to share your entire screen you can share specific applications or use the interactive whiteboard.

  • Desktop 1 This shares the entire computer screen, if you have multiple monitors you will see a Desktop for each monitor on your computer.
  • Whiteboard; This is an interactive whiteboard you can use.
  • If your computer is capable of connecting to an iPhone or iPad zoom will give you the option of sharing the screens of those devices.
  • Application Windows; Zoom will allow you to select and share specific open applications as long as the app window is open on your desktop, applications minimized to your dock will not show up as options. By selecting a specific application window you will only share that application and nothing else on your desktop. This enhances your privacy and expands the application to fill the students entire screen allowing for more direct control of their experience. In this example Google Chrome is the option showing the AdutSchool homepage.

Step 6: Share, your selection shows up in a green box, everything you do to the application in that box transmits to your students.


Step 7: End the share, press the red Stop Share button to return to the normal zoom meeting interface.


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