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How do I use my chromebook for an FUHSD Adult School class?
Last Updated 2 years ago

You can use your personal Chromebook on campus and off-campus for your FUHSD Adult School class. You need to complete two tasks to use your Chromebook

  • Log into the Chromebook using your school-issued account (
  • Install Securely on you chromebook
  • Connect your Chromebook to the FUHSD wifi when on campus

Log into your Chromebook using your FUHSD Adult School account (

There are many issues caused by using a Chromebook with a non account.  By logging in with your student account, accessing online resources, Schoology and Zoom are automated. Using a non is extremely difficult, and in some cases, certain resources will be inaccessible.  

Step 1:  Log out of your Chromebook, or reboot so you are on the Chromebook login screen

Step 2: Enter your full account name (

Step 3: Enter your account password

Install Securely on your chromebook

Goto the Securely Install Instructions

Connect your Chromebook to the FUHSD wifi when on campus

Step 1: Bring your charged Chromebook onto an FUHSD Adult School Campus

Step 2: Before logging in Select the Wifi icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen

Step 3: Select the "FUHSD" wifi network from the menu

Enter the following settings

SSID: fuhsd
EAP Method:
EAP Phase 2 Authentication:
Server CA Certificate:
Do not check
Your Account (
Your password
Anonymous identity:
(leave blank)
Save identity and password:
On/Enabled (this saves your settings)
Allow other users of this device to use this network:

Step 4: Select "Connect" to finish connecting to the network

Step 5: Log into the chromebook with your account.

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