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1 - 1 Windows 10 to Non Chromebooks
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Testing where the proctor is using a Windows 10 computer running the test software and zoom connected to the student’s Mac, Windows, or iPad. Chromebooks specifically can not be used in this process.  The (Steps) links will take you to step by step instructions for that task.


  • Proctor: has two computers; a windows 10 computer with a webcam running zoom and the eTests client. The Second computer that can be any other type of computer including a Chromebook to run the eTests management console.
    • For this training, we will refer to the Windows 10 computer running zoom as the test machine and the computer running the management console as the management machine.
  • Student: Is using a Windows 10, Macintosh or iPad running the Zoom client, Student cannot be running a Chromebook or Chrome/Android Tablet

Prior to start

  • Proctor logs into ASAP and looks up student ID, writing down the ID for future reference


  • On the management, machine Log into eTests Management Console and start the appropriate Open Lab testing session. Remember to choose the “Start remote session” for the start option. (Steps)
  • On the test machine launch chrome and goto the eTests website ( (Steps)
  • On the management machine, verify on the console that the test computer is listed, if it is not add it using the code from the session.(Steps)
  • On test machine launch Zoom and start zoom meeting for the testing session.  (Steps)
  • Connect with the student you will be testing
  • On test machine Launch in zoom session share the entire screen
  • On test machine Launch the actual eTest (Steps)
  • Ask the student to “Request Remote Control” (Steps)
  • On test machine approve the students Remote Control request
  • On test machine launch test and sign in student using students ID
  • Verbally walk the student through all pre-test steps, allowing the student to control the keyboard and mouse. Verify the student is able to click next and start the test.
  • Once a student has started the test, mute your microphone but continue to monitor the test.
  • Once the student has finished on the testing station stop screen sharing, close the testing window.
  • On the testing station thank the student for taking the test and end the zoom session.

Done Testing

  • On management machine, stop the testing session and logout of Casas tests (Steps)
  • On the test station close all windows and shut down the computer

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