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Can I use my own laptop (Staff)?
Last Updated 3 years ago


Staff members are welcome to use their own laptops to teach classes.  We have a few requirements.

  • Laptop must run Mac OS X or Windows 10. Chromebooks, and Tablet computers are not capable of fully utilizing the required software.
  • Your laptop can be a maximum of 3 to 4 years old.
  • Your laptop needs at least 8 GB of ram 16gb is preferred.
  • You need to be the administrator of the laptop (you will be installing software)
  • You need to keep the laptop up to date, including running all OS updates on a regular basis.  
  • You need to install and keep required software up to date, this includes the frequent updates required by the zoom client.
  • You need to able to attach your laptop to our wireless network using your login (instructions).
  • Your must be capable of displaying on an external monitor (we have adapters to check out)

The IT staff can provide limited technical support, before submitting a ticket please run all available updates and reboot the laptop first.

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